Vintage first edition hardcover book, Architectural Digest: Chateaux and Villas, published in 1982. Features descriptions and beautiful color photographs of some of the most remarkable chateaux and villas around the world. OFFERS | All are welcome! SPECIFICS | Edited by Paige Rense Published in the USA in 1982 Published by The Knapp Press See photos for ISBN Hardcover Dust jacket not included 1...
7-Aug-2018Parkland, FL +14 milesBooks for Sale
Softbound in excellent pre-owned condition.
Harvey, John's, McKusick, Owens, Ross. Twenty Second edition. Great condition
The following books are for sell:Politics UK- $10Weeping in the Playtime of Others- $12Retrieving the American Past-$25Victimology-$15Preventing Violence in America-$25A Century if Juvenile Justice-$25School Violence Intervention-$25Criminal Justice isbn xxxxxxxxxxxx9- $25Criminal Procedure and the Constitution- $25Criminal and Delinquent Behavior- $25
22-Jun-2018Boca Raton, FL +16 milesBooks for Sale
All books have a Jewish slant. They range in their level of religious observance. Books include biographies, novels, education/information, cooking, and even graphic novels.
Available on Kindle and Nook - A paranormal romance mystery novel with a wican twist. Available on Kindle, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Nook - Follow Kareenas journey from New England to Florida and across the Atlantic to the Enchanted Ireland as she searches for purpose after losing the only one she has ever loved. Her decision to abort her baby was the hardest thing she has ever had to do...
Strange, unexplained phenemona surrounds humanity on a regular basis, constantly defying our perceptions of reality. The world is a mysterious place. For millions of years life has graced the planet's surface, bringing with it many events and existances mankind isn't quite capable of explaining. These are the mysteries of our ancestors, the ancient mysteries of yesterday, altering the world o...
USED COLLEGE BOOKS & Lab Cd's Books in good to excellent condition. All range from Networking, Business Management to Information Technology. Prices range from $15 to $50 or considered nearest offer. Sales are agreeable and final. Send an Email to select the books displayed you need. Thank you.
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